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How to make a chess cake

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How to make a chess cake


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We all know someone who love a game of chess. Why not make that person an edible chess cake for their birthday that you can actually play!!

Making a real life chess set is actually surprisingly easy, and you don’t need to be artistic or am amazing baker to achieve really professional looking chess cake.

You can decide to either make the edible chessboard and pieces out of chocolate or fondant icing. This is a preference thing really, as both are just as easy to make as eachother and look just as good.

The chess board sponge

You will need to create a fairly large square shaped sponge so use at least a 30cm square tin. Any sponge will work with this design, but if you are using chocolate to make the top of the board and the chess pieces you might want to choose a fruity or plain vanilla sponge so that the cake isn’t too chocolatey.

Your chess board sponge needs to be completely level on top. before you add your edible chess pieces. If you have a steady hand, and a good eye you can do it by hand using a serated knife, otherwise use a cake leveller like this one from Wiltons

TIP: If you put your cake in the fridge overnight you will get a much smoother surface when you cut it

The chess board squares

So, you have a few options to create the black contrasting squares seen on a chess board. Whichever method you choose, ensure hat your sponge will fit 8 squares of the same size both ways!

  1. Chocolate. Make 64 perfectly square pieces of contrasting dark and white chocolate using a square chocolate mould
  2. Icing Topper. Use printed edible icing to create your chessboard. If you don’t have an edible icing printed, you can order a custom design from most edible icing sellers
  3. Fondant Icing. Create 64 perfectly square chess pieces out of fondant icing. You should create two icing colours to create the contrasting colours of the board. You can create these pieces by hand with a sharp knife and a ruler, making sure that every square is the same size and that the edges of each square are nice and sharp so that the pieces fit together perfectly.

The chess pieces

This is the really fun bit! Again these can be made from fondant or chocolate.

  1. Chocolate. You will need to buy some chess pieces moulds like this one from Carlton Paper sticks.  Fill the moulds with chocolate (you will need to do one set of dark, one of light), and put them in the freezer. Once they have set you should be able to glue the two halves of the chocolate chess pieces together with warm melted chocolate.
  2. Fondant. You will also need to a moulds, silicon moulds work best as the mould needs to be flexible to ease out the fondant. Silicon mould chess pieces are quite hard to come by, you might be able to find some like these on sites like etsy, or you could always have a go at making your own!

Inspiration for this cake was taken from Nerdy Nummies:

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