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How to use silicon moulds to create cool fondant icing decorations

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How to use silicon moulds to create cool fondant icing decorations

Using silicon moulds in your cake decoration means that you can create cool embellishments for your bakes without having the need, and the skill to sculpt icing in overly intricate ways.

A whole variety of mould designs are available, like PickleLillys, who sells a huge collection of detailed and intracate moulds made from a range of bits, bobs and badges found from all over.

Here are some of our tips for using these moulds effectively. Follow these steps to ensure that your icing comes out neat, tidy and with the correct level of detail for your design.

First up, let’s focus on your fondant. Whether you are using regular fondant or marshmallow fondant, it is important to ensure that the consistency is spot on. If it’s too dry, your icing will crack. Too wet, it will shrink and will stick to the edges of your mould. Here is a handy video with tips on how to make the perfect fondant.

Next, it’s time to turn your attention to your silican moulds. You need to dust them liberally with cornflour. This will ensure that your fondant doesn’t stick to the mould – make sure that you cover every part of the mould.

Once you have covered the mould with cornflour turn it over and give it a good bash. You want to remove any excess cornflour so that you have the perfect amount. Give it a good whack until there is just a thin layer of flour covering the mould.

Then, once your mould is prepared you want to tear off a piece of fondant – make sure you have a bit more than you think you’d need, and knead it until it is soft and flexible.

Once your fondant is nice and pliable, you will want to press it into your mould. Make sure that you push it into all of the nooks and crannies so your fondant takes on all of the details of the mould. Pay close attention to the corners and the edges.

Now you will want to use a sharp flat knife to level the icing at the bottom of the mould, trimming off any excess fondant.

Once your mould is level and the excess fondant has been removed, all you need to do is turn it over and slowly pop the fondant out. You should be left with a perfect representation of the design of the mould.

EXTRA TIP: If you find that your moulds are bending or distorting when you are pushing the fondant out at the end, you could try popping the mould – with the icing inside – in the freezer until the icing has solidified.

Using silicone moulds to create larger cake decorations

If you are using a larger mould to create bigger and flatter cake decourations then you may want to use a slightly different method to the one listed above. This is so that you don’t end up with thick and heavy icing decorations.

After dusting your mould with cornflour, roll out your icing so that it is around 3mm in thickness and is large enough in surface area to fit your mould, plus a little bit extra around the edges.

Lay your fondant into the mould and gently press the fondant into the mould, making sure that you maintain a consistent thickness throughout whilst also ensuring that you don’t perforate the fondant.

Using your thumb you will want to gently pull off all of the excess fondant from the edges. Gently press and pull away from the edge of your mould with your thumb.

Once the excess fondant has been removed from the mould, go back around the edges with your fingers tucking bits in and neatening it up. Do this with great care and attention to ensure that the edges of the fondant are neat.

Once you have done this and you’re satisfied with how neat it looks, it’s time to turn that mould over and gently pop out the fondant. To do this, you must take great care and start at one edge moving across to the other.

EXTRA TIP: Again, if you find that your moulds are bending or distorting when you’re pushing the fondant out at the end, then you can use the freezer technique mentioned above.

Once your fondant icing pieces have been created, you can leave as is, or use some fondant paints to embellish them further. I like to use these funky edible glitter paints to make fondant look almost metallic, and using edible paints can help bring your fondant animals or characters to life.

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