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Pumpkin recipes to try out this halloween


Pumpkin recipes to try out this halloween

In my household, pumpkin carving night has a new name…”Pumpers night”. Don’t ask me why…! But if you’re caught saying “pumpkins” instead of “pumpers”, you’ll receive a stern look from whoever is about.

Every year on Pumpers night we make pumpkin pie. And whilst I love pumpkin pie, and will be making it this year for sure, I would like do something else with my pumpkins as well. Just carving them and making pumpkin pie is no longer good enough!

So this year I will be making some of these recipes as well. I’ve tried to include a mixture of savoury stuff as well as sweet. Try you’re hand at some of these, and if they end up tasting rubbish you can palm them off on the trick or treaters!

Pumpkin pie

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This is the recipe I use every year, but this year I will be swapping out half of the squash for pumpkin (else it’s not really pumpkin pie). I like this recipe as it’s not too sweet. As with every custard need to be really careful not to over bake, otherwise you will end up with pumpkin omelette.

When I make custard tarts of this type I always take the tart out when the custard still wobbles, but doesn’t change like a jelly consistency.

Find the recipe here


Pumpkin & Bacon Soup

I’m hoping that it’s going to be a bit chilly on Halloween, just so I can really enjoy this hot soup. Bacon is a perfect addition to a pumpkin soup, as it’s satly flavour helps to reduce some of the sweetness you find with most pumpkins.

Find Pumpkin & Bacon recipe here

Peanut Pumpkin Cups

These little delights are sort of like homemade Reese’s Cups.  I decide to use a good quality milk chocolate in mine rather than dark chocolate. I also decide to make my pumpkin cups bite size, as they are super sweet so you don’t want to much in one mouthful. I used mini foil chocolate cases like these ones, but you can use full cupcake cases or if you’re not bothered about the fluting around the edge, a Yorkshire pudding tray will do the job.

Find Peanut Pumkin Cups Recipe here

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